Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Steady as she goes (152.0)

Life is plugging along. 

I ran 4 times last week, including 10 miles on Saturday.  My endurance isn't as good as I'd like for the race next weekend (omg, next weekend!!), but it's good enough.

Food is still OK.  I go to OA meetings every Monday night and talk to my sponsor and read my OA material.  It all keeps me abstinent.

The wedding Saturday night was wonderful.  It was very small, just family and a few close friends. I love weddings.  Love them.  So I was ready for a good night.  I wore a simple black dress (size 8 from my 2008 wardrobe), with black tights (regular waist tights, not high-waist spanx, and still no muffin top) and cute shoes, with my hair up in a twist. I felt confident and comfortable in my body and my clothes.  It was wonderful!

At the reception we sat with the couple's friends from Washington, DC, who all work for the FBI (the newlyweds work for the FBI).  Very interesting people, who of course told us nothing about what they do.

We danced & danced.  Dinner was easy--soup, salad, veggies, red potatoes (I had one), fish. I had absolutely no problem with the cake.  It doesn't even appeal to me anymore.

I think the dancing worked all the lactic acid out of my legs because I wasn't sore at all on Sunday after the 10 miles on Saturday. 

We are half way through February, the days are getting longer, the weather will be warmer soon, and in a little over a week I'm leaving for 4 days in Florida.  Things are pretty good right now.


jen said...

You are sounding so happy and confident in these posts. Whatever you are doing, keep it up!

Vickie said...

Lovely post, glad you had a good time.

Vickie said...

I have your engagement story up today in my Valentine's Day collection. I have always loved that post.