Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011

My post for today is below.  Thought you'd enjoy some pics from the weekend.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook (this is a man's Hook makes me look bigger than I really am.  Of course, I'd fixate on that instead of how awesome we look!). This was taken at our church friends' house after our dinner with them Friday night.  We got ready there.  I don't have a white wall in my house, ha.

Hermione Granger and Captain Rex (storm trooper)

They are having a battle... Sophie flying on her broom stick with her hand, and Luke battling back with his light saber.  It was the perfect night to trick or treat. They had a great time.

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Laura N said...

Mark & I did these costumes b/c we already had them. Mark got costumes for the kids last Christmas. He and the kids play make believe and make up "plots" to act out. One of their favorites is Peter Pan. We have these two, and Sophie has a Wendy dress and Luke has Michael's pink footy pajamas. Tinker Bell is a flashlight with a jingle bell. Luke told Mark once "Daddy, you are best fairy ever."