Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Done with the plateau (168.2)

Thanksgiving was fun but exhausting.  I didn't eat as healthfully as I'd like, but I kept the quantities in check.  I also ran twice--Thursday 4.2 miles and Saturday 6.5 miles. 

I really FELT my extra 20 pounds this weekend.  I was surrounded by thin women.  I'm talking size 0s & 2s.  No matter how stupid and counterproductive and harmful it is to compare myself to other women, I still do it.  I think it's coded into my DNA.

At any rate, yesterday I weighed 170.2 and decided to be finished with this plateau.  I started tracking my calories on an Apple app called "Lose It."  I've used it before, so it has a lot of foods already recorded for me.  I'm on the 1 pound a week plan, which gives me a budget of 1,587 calories a day.  It deducts exercise like most programs do.

I'm not going to get hung up on eating exactly 1,587 calories a day.  I want to stay in that range.  Some days I'll eat more; some days I'll eat less.  Some days I'll eat the exercise calories, and some days (like yesterday, when I was under a net 235 calories b/c I ran 3 miles) I won't. 

What I did learn yesterday is why I've been in this plateau for so long.  Because I've been eating too much.

This is no big revelation.  I've been eating healthy foods but still eating for comfort, especially at night.  I've been eating exactly what my body needs to stay in the 168-170 range. 

And that's been fine and what I needed for the past few months.  Now, though, I'm ready to be done and move on.

I am not looking at December and thinking "oh hell, it's the holidays and there's no way I can stick to a diet now.  I will just start in January."  That path leads to a 10 pound gain, and I refuse to go there. 

I have a goal of being under 160 and in size 10s by my race at the end of February.  It's a goal, not a line in the sand.  I just need something to work toward.

The other broker hired a new assistant last week.  I like her.  She's here on a conditional basis; trying her out for 30 days before he hires her officially (he found her through an employment agency).  She's young and has 2 kids and is recently divorced and has a lot of personal issues that may cause problems with her being reliable.  But she also really needs a job.  So, time will tell. 

I am overwhelmed with the amount of work and activities we have going on.  December is insane.  I am so thankful I have my running plan and running buddies in town to keep me running.  I'm also glad I have gotten into the habit of getting up early, doing my SAD light and Bible reading, getting to work earlier, working out at lunch 3 days a week, getting to bed by 10:30.  All those pieces have to stay in place or I will lose it.  I am making sure I take care of myself, so I don't lose it. 

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Jill said...

It is so hard NOT to compare yourself when you are surrounded by very thin women. I don't wish that scenario on my worst enemy.

You sound like you are still doing really well though. Just keep at it and I believe you will reach your goal. I think that's a totally doable goal.

December will go fast - just hang on and you'll be through it before you know it! :)