Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby, it's cold (and windy) outside

So my new non-gym work out routine now includes running in the cold.

And it's not too bad! At least, not yet anyway.

Sunday and Monday I ran 5 and 4 miles, respectively, and both days the temps were in the mid 30s. It was a smidge windy but not bad, and a base layer plus fleece is all it really takes to stay warm. I wear gloves, of course, and usually start out with a fleece cap but after the first mile I'm almost always too warm to keep it on. I actually really enjoy the cold runs. Very refreshing and peaceful.

Today, even though it will be in the mid 30s when I head out, we've got wind in the 20 mph range. If I get to run like I plan to, it's going to be interesting to say the least.

We don't have any ice or snow to deal with, and if we did I'd not run. I wanna work out, but I'm not equipped to deal with that kind of terrain. Plus I'm a big baby when it comes to pain and would hate it if I fell & got hurt.

Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 14 degrees. 14! And the wind chill is going to be in the negative numbers.

Guess who's not running tomorrow? :)

Other random babble:

I'm happy to report that my weight this morning was 153.4. I haven't seen that for a while. It's crazy how much of a difference a few pounds make in the way my clothes fit.

I've set two more goals for 2009. I want to run 750 miles this year, and I want to complete the 100 pushup challenge. And I've got a weight goal of 145 (with a super secret goal of 140) when we go to St John in June. I want to be in the best shape of my life for this trip, and I've got to get busy now. You know how I am with goals--I'm gonna git r done, yessirree!

I'm still cooking & sticking to my no fast food purchases rule (so is the hubs!). I've not gotten everything cooked in the time I'd like to, mostly because those darn kids take up a lot of time at night, even after they are supposed to be asleep (Sophie had a bad reaction to her zyrtec Monday night and couldn't sleep, so I was up with her until after 11 p.m. Poor kid. We are doing zyrtec in the a.m. from now on). But I'm keeping enough stocked that we are eating home cooked meals. I'm allowing for a frozen pizza on one week night (Tombstone pizzas are $3.50 at WalMart), and last night was pizza night. Tonight I plan to cook up 3 pounds of lean ground beef--a meatloaf & 2 pounds of a Mexican filling that I have a recipe for. Hopefully my plans will not be derailed.

And Sophie has made it to school this week each day. She's not felt very well--headaches, leg aches, and stomach aches have been plaguing her lately--but she's hanging in there. I'm really focusing on getting her to eat better, along with the rest of us, and I think it's helping. But the lack of sleep is a killer. Plus, I talked with Mark last night about how she's feeling, and how she's distracted a lot and has trouble focusing, and he said he was exactly the same way when he was her age. They are both sensitive, artsy people who aren't all that hardy and need special care. Thankfully her special personality and love are as strong as steel.


Tish said...

Good for you for sticking with your plan. You inspire me. I live in northern VA, but I think we have had twin weather. My running plan has me run 4 days/week and I was grateful not to be scheduled for Th & Fri when it's s'posed to be VERY cold. Today it was mid 20s and I did a 7 miler--my longest yet. I too, ditch the headband & gloves after a few miles--I get too hot.

MCM Mama said...

Good job with the running and the eating well. I'm probably going to wimp out tomorrow (and I totally did today), when it's really cold. Hope Sophie feels better soon and that things keep falling into place for you.

Mary said...


Don't be afraid to run in the cold -- I am west of Chicago and headed out this morning, in the sub-0 temperatures. I did 4 miles and was plenty warm. I would have done more, but my kids had off school (ironically because of the cold) and I didn't want to leave them too long. (I have 3 boys -- twins, 12 and a 9 yo) As long as you are dressed for it, you will be fine!

Helen said...

It is unbelievable how few pounds make a difference in clothes! When I was MUCH heavier, I could wear the same size when in a range of 20 pounds, but no more! I guess I should be happy about that...kinda... ;-)