Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So much to do....

So little motivation. All I want to do is focus on diet and exercise. If I could quit work and hire a housekeeper, a nanny, and a surrogate wife for my husband, I could get this weight off in no time. But life ain't like that, is it? I feel so behind in everything. Work, lots to do not enough motivation to get it moving. Home, oy. What a mess. Kids, thank God, are doing well and are bathed and fed adequately, and loved on extensively. Food and exercise, not so great.

Diet is better today. Go foods, no stop foods, and it's almost bedtime and I haven't overindulged. Exercise is not getting the time I need to put in, but I'm showing up at least. For reasons beyond my control, only have done 15-20 minutes the past two days. I want to RUN so badly I can taste it. But my quad is not ready. I've got to be patient.

Tonight I spent about 45 minutes cleaning the dining room and Sophie's room. That's my new tactic for the house. A little each night. That's the best I can do right now. And that'll have to do.


Vickie said...

I hear you on this one.

My oldest is driving so this is the first year that I do not have to pick him up from school each day and get him to and from tennis practice (5+ days a week). I still throw papers with him each day and probably always will - otherwise I would never really see him or get to talk to him in any great depth. And his route is HUGE - hard for one person to throw alone 365 days a year - you would just get burnt out. So it is well worth the loss of sleep.

We are carpooling for volleyball practice. So only half the trips to practice (3-4 practices a week) but still all the games to attend.

HS boys Tennis and girls volleyball are both fall sports - this is HARD.

Plus getting the girls too and from school, youngest is in girl scouts. Middle child is in EVERYTHING - so she is many trips a day, pretty much every day year round. She is just that kind of kid.

I HAD a cleaning service - but it was SO MUCH work to get ready for them that it wasn't worth it (for me) - but I think you are way more picked up than I am - so for you it might be perfect - even if they just cleaned floors, bathrooms, windows, dusted and changed beds. consider a stay at home mom for this - much cheaper than service. And stay at home moms will do things like ONE extra job each time (and rotate) - sweep garage, vaccuum out car, refrigerator, wash walls in one room, etc. Service usually will not do many of those things (nor wash windows).

I keep up with laundry, food, recycling, garbage, shopping, medical and kids.

I get the worst of the dirt when it starts to bug me - kids take care of their own rooms and bathrooms. My kitchen is rarely neat and tidy - but no one is going to get food poisening either.

I still try hard to keep up with going through closets, garage, etc. At my old house when that stuff got out of control - and we had too much stuff - then everything got out of control.

Plus my kids are to the ages where we don't have the big toys anymore - and we don't have the train sets, leggos, etc all over anymore either.

The only advice I have is what I posted on Amazon about trying different times. AND PRIORITIZING - what do you REALLY have to do - and in what order - if you are spinning your wheels on something that doesn't have to be done - then forget it until the kids are grown. I try to keep everything as simple as possible.

Things I have changed this year that have made a big difference:

buying lots of flash frozen veggies and fruits (rather than fresh that have to be cleaned and cooked). I still buy fresh if it is the stuff we eat RAW - but if we are cooking (like green beans, veggies for stir fry) or fruit that we eat with cottage cheese and yogurt (blackberries/razberries/blueberries) then I have switched to the flash frozen from Gordon's. Do read labels to be sure there is nothing added.

Grilling once or twice a week.

Doing much bigger grocery shopping
trips - but much less often.

Stocking up at least every 4-6 weeks on dry, canned, paper stuff at Walmart so that we have LOTS of supplies and do not suddenly run out.

Doing at least one errand every time I am out.

Trying to be as smart about my time as possible.

jen said...

Do you have access to a pool? Because pool running (with a flotation belt) is good rehab for running injuries. Supposedly people can come off an injury even stronger than ever.

Don't get discouraged -- having an injury proves you really are a runner. :)

Grumpy Chair said...

It's tough being a working mom. When I worked I only had 1 child and our house always needed to be dusted. Our house was very small at that time so it was a little more manageable - but I was very pooped at end of day. I think I did the laundry all day on Saturday (which irritated my husband), but there was no time during the week.

I can truly sympathize with you.

Anonymous said...

You have four very excellent excuses for not being able to eat right or have any kind of fitness plan in place, I have the same excuses and more, and I will probbaly never lose the weight I want to lose, because I can't not work, or have a family, and they will always be my stumbling blocks. that's life! My mother turned me on to all of these blogs--I am visiting her, she's trying to get me outside to walk now--but she is the one who turned me on to all the blogs-- now I gotta read em all...


Vickie said...