Sunday, August 06, 2006

Plastic surgery.... for me?

So my husband's 25th High School class reunion was this past Saturday. The women, most of them, looked amazing. A lot of them have had some type of plastic surgery, most notably boob jobs.

I've never been a plastic surgery snob, and think it's okay if it's not Michael Jackson crazy extreme. I had several "skinny bitch" moments at the reunion, then learned that a lot of these women have been divorced, have growing/grown kids, and probably ONLY have their looks to keep them happy (whatever that means for them).

After my disappointment with not being able to wear my gorgeous black dress because of the muffin top, and after seeing the handiwork of Evansville's finest plastic surgeons, I had to wonder--would I have surgery to get my body into better shape in my 40s?


I talked with my husband about it this morning. Granted, he was drowsy from being up until 5 a.m., but he said if I wanted to get lipo on my stomach and get my mommy breasts lifted, I can.

Holy cow. Just the idea is scary and exciting.

Who knows if we'll have the money 4 years from now. Who knows if I'll even need it after I get to my goal weight. But the idea of the possibility is tantalizing.

I've never had perky boobs. Okay, maybe when I was 10 and had breast buds (TMI, sorry!). But I've always had big ones and even when I was a 34C they were ample. This is not a bad thing, I just don't want to have National Geographic boobs in my 40s and 50s when the rest of me could conceivably look pretty good.

And my stomach, oy. I can live with curvy hips. Been doing that my whole life. But this spare tire of baby fat has got to go. If a reasonable amount of exercise and weight loss doesn't do it, I'm afraid it's SCHHHLLOOOOP of the belly fat on the operating table.

We'll see. It's too soon to get serious about it. But it's out there now. Perhaps it will be my 40th birthday present.

Personal transformation takes a long time and a lot of work.


Erin said...

When I was 24 I had a mastopexy (lift). I never developed right as a girl--I developed straight DOWN, and went from a B cup to a D cup in 6 months when I was 13. So my breasts were, and had always been, horrible. I had the money, and I had my surgery done.

And they're GORGEOUS. Seriously, utterly, completely. I love and adore them. I would have them done again in a heartbeat. I would have them done every year, if I had to. Even though I had a tremendous regain (114 pounds!!!!!) starting a year after I had them done, they're still gorgeous. If they're horrible when I'm back down to goal, hubby has already said he knows how much it means to me, and I can have them done again.

My tummy, too. I've never had that done, but when I get to goal and prove to myself I can maintain it, I'm getting that done too. I don't know if I'll go all the way to beltlift, but I'll at least do a tummy tuck. I've never, ever, had a flat stomach. I hate the idea of working so hard for something and not having the body to reflect it. So if I get to goal and my body doesn't reflect's coming off.

jen said...

I think you'll be surprised at how good you look when you're at goal.

I'm not sure I'd ever do plastic surgery, though people in my family tend to get wattles on their chins and I might consider a wattle-ectomy.

Vickie said...

I have been missing you - I didn't know you were posting here on a semi-regular basis. I will start checking in more often.

I have had LOTS of people TELL me to go get surgery.

The bra clerk at Ayres this last weekend being the latest. She took one look at what was under my arms, behind my breasts and said - you know, I am a nursing student and after all your hard work, you might want to consider just getting that taken care of. . .

another PT at the gym (not Colleen) also told me months ago that I was going to want to get belly taken care of. . . she has had many things taken care of herself.

these comments do not bother me.

Actually in a way they comfort me - it is like saying - "yes, we see what you see - you are not imagining it or over reacting to it."

Would I do it? probably never.

Fear of Anesthesia (sp?) and what it does to my body is the biggest factor.

Another factor is that I have known people who have had it done - it is not an easy recovery.

PT Colleen has told me several times that if you have it taken care of one place - the body still produces it and just moves it somewhere else. I don't know if this is true or not - but she tells me that all the time.

I happen to LOVE my belly button - and don't really want someone making me a new one . . .

Plus, we have 3 kids in private schools. We have a junior in high school - so college is very close.

Once he starts, we have kids in college for 12 years straight.

Actually, another way to look at it is that he is on his 3rd year of high school (at $5000 per year) and we have kids in high school for 12 years straight . . .$60,000 for high school alone (plus clothes, food, medical etc.)

BRAS do wonders for breasts. Have you been fitted by someone who REALLY knows? This makes a big difference. 90% is in the around fit/support and only 10% is in the strap/lift. Most people incorrctly do it the other way around.

I hardly ever watch Oprah - maybe twice a year - but happened to catch the bra day.

Candance Summerall said...

“Personal transformation takes a long time and a lot of work.” – It usually does. It’s been almost 8 years (twice the timetable you’ve set) did you have the money for that breast lift and lipo? Or did you even need it to get the body figure that looks pretty good? Candance, CosMed