Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to school

Back to school pics. Luke--5th grade. Sophie--freshman.

Luke hasn't gotten a real taste for school yet since they didn't start changing classes (different teacher for each subject) until today. He's getting on the bus at 6:50 for band, learning the trombone. So far he's handling the early mornings well.

Sophie loves her high school. She's handling the workload just fine. It is a lot of work. They have block scheduling and her A days are much more demanding than B days. No bus for the downtown HS. I have two other moms I'm carpooling with, and one of them picks up everyday when school lets out. I could not do this (well or easily or without going crazy) without them.


Vickie said...

Very cute pics! Glad everything is working.

(I was the mom picking up after school. Two of them, one of me. And every once in a while I needed the morning moms to pick up for me. Morning moms were working moms. They did not understand that even though I was home, there was only one of me and sometimes I needed help. After a year of that, I decided to go it alone. And I left them, high and dry. I did not even feel bad.

So if your afternoon mom needs help, send your husband or take a late lunch or something. This did not happen often with me, but a few times I needed to be out of town. I am still irritated with them. And that was five falls ago.)

Jill said...

Gosh they're getting so grown up. Do you realize that when you and I started "talking" Luke was only 2 years old???? Time flies!


Vickie said...

It's OCTOBER. . .