Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SSRIs are not my friends

I've learned my lesson again. The hard way. I cannot take an SSRI without gaining a crap ton of weight in a hurry. No matter the studies, no matter how fancy or expensive. My metabolism, my brain, my body, whatever--they just don't get along with SSRIs.

I started tapering off topamax in March. I gained about 4 pounds by the end of June. Not great but no bigs. Then started on Brintellix on July 11. By August 23 I had gained 7 pounds. By Sept 30 I had gained another 10 pounds. Yes 17 pounds in less than 3 months! I got up to 177. And I was done.

My appetite had increased some and I was eating more but not that much more. It was exactly what happened the year I started Prozac when I was 27 and I gained 40 pounds in a short time.

Well I'm done. I'm weaning off Brintellix. No drug will make me happy enough to offset the depression from gaining back 50 pounds.

And today I signed up to run the Indy half marathon on May 7. I'm going with a girl from the college who recently lost 80 pounds and took up running. She's really excited.

Will post more soon.


Trace4You said...

You know, I found your blog in 2011. I went back to the start of your blog and read the whole thing, and I've been checking up ever since, but never commenting. Popping in once a week or so to see if you are still there is like anticipating a movie sequel.

You may think no one is out here (except Vickie), but I am.

So I hope you find blogging helps and keep with it. I still have the hope that all of us will find our way out of this mess of lose, regain, lose, etc. I'm still listening to your story. Good luck on the half marathon training.

Laura N said...

I am humbled beyond words. Thank you so much for commenting. It means a lot to me.

Obviously I don't blog for therapy any more. I blog to let Vickie know how I'm doing. (I love knowing others are out there too.) It's so special that she checks up on me--that she thinks enough of me to ask how I'm doing. I feel guilty that I don't return the favor to her often enough. But I think of her often; unfortunately, people can't read your minds. I need to do better.

I used to blog when I worked full-time for my husband--I had lots of down time then, and I don't have that luxury any more. And I don't want to touch a computer or a tablet when I get home. So I just post and read blogs sporadically now. I guess maybe it's selfish, but I am also in a season in my life where I don't have room to be much else but a mom and a wife and an employee. I'm trying to figure out how to carve out time for ME now, and come hell or high water, I'm going to make that happen again by running and going to an OA meeting on Saturday mornings.

I am feeling pretty good today, and feeling even better after your comment. Thanks again. :)

Vickie said...

I smiled at both comments. Really cute. Trace4You - Laura and I knew each other in blog land before either one of us had a blog, so long ago. About ten years now I think. Laura's youngest was a baby. Maybe even a newborn.

Wow. So it is definitely something chemical for you on that class of meds. What a pain.

I have had to learn that same type lesson a couple times now with dairy. I get off and realize it really, really messes up my GI system. Then I forget a couple years later and start eating it again. I think I have done that at least two and maybe three times now.

Restart running smartly so you do not injure yourself please. Like you might need to start walking and work up to fast walking, then alternate running and walking between mailboxes or street signs, before you run run. An injury will not help anything. And it happens super easy. No be sure to really stretch each time you are done. Teaching your running partner good habits will help you think about it too.

OA meetings sound smart.

Very good to hear from you.

Vickie said...

AND be sure to . . .

I hate that autocorrect sometimes. I do not understand how Google can read my mind and autocorrect seems to just like to cause problems.