Sunday, February 02, 2014

Busy (156.6)

I have been meaning to post all week. Sorry for the delay.

Life is good. I love my job. Love love love. Started meeting with
students last week. Also started working till 7 on Monday and
Wednesday. And I've been swamped. Getting there early and working over
part of lunch some days. I punch an online time clock so I'm donating
some time, but not because I have to, just so I feel prepared. (I
still haven't mastered the time clock. I worked an hour and a half
overtime because I planned on a 7 hour Friday but took an 8 hour
vacation day. And sometimes I get extra time if I clock in 5 or 6
minutes early.)

I was in Indy two days week before last. Leave for Indy tomorrow at
4:45 am for four days of advanced training. Then done with training
till March. (Not driving up tonight because of the Super Bowl. Go

I took Sophie to St Louis on Friday (great memory Vickie) for her 2
month post op check. She's doing great, doctor said. Her spine has
settled some. The lower curve is slightly more pronounced (I
think--it's hard to tell) now than last month. She was 5'2 3/4" tall
on Friday. After surgery we measured her at 5'3 1/4". Must be normal
because the surgeon didn't say anything about it.

He also said no scar cream; young skin repairs enough on its own. He
has 3 years post op pics on his website and scars are barely visible,
so I'm sure hers will be really faded by the time she's in high

She can start swimming in two more months. No jumping in pool. She
still won't be able to bend to pick things up until 1 year. I thought
it was 6 months. She can apparently bend a little more in 6 months but
not fully. We go back on May 30, and will find out her range of motion
then. Summer camp and another play in summer--so hopefully she'll be
able to move more.

She's in the March play, which started rehearsals two weeks ago. She's
sore after but it's tolerable. They know her restrictions and she's
good about not doing what she shouldn't so not worried about her.

Lest you think I only have one child....Luke is amazing. He started
acting class again in January. He is scary smart. He scored "advanced"
on his recent Dibels tests (reading/comprehension). He never misses a
math problem. Never. And we don't practice math facts at home. This
kid was doing simple multiplication in preschool. Thank God for ADHD
medicine. It's really allowed his mind to excel.

Mark has adjusted to working on his own. Clients have responded
positively. Soon as they hear it's because of insurance, they get it.
And then usually get side tracked complaining about Obamacare. He's
really stepped up and is dealing with things well. Although he's
working a ton and gets stressed a lot. I worked 6.5 hours at the
office yesterday. So a 48 hour week for me last week. Mark did the
kids' laundry and grilled four pounds of meat while I worked. He's
stepping up at home too.

Still no exercise. Bloody cold weather makes me want to hibernate.
Food's been ok. Not stellar but not horrible. Still going to OA
meetings Monday night although I get there 10 minutes late because I
work till 7 now.

So that's pretty much everything. Basically things are really good
and we're all healthy and I cannot complain. I've come a long way in
the past month.


katie said...

Good to hear you are all well - happy and healthy 2014!

Vickie said...

Make sure Luke has pre calc and calculus in high school. That will set him up well if he is in math science field in college. Does your grade school and junior high allow the kids to advance in higher level math classes? My niece was taking high school math (actually at the high school which was next door) instead of junior high math. At youngest's school (K-8th) higher level was available on site. So, youngest took freshman math (pre algebra) as 8th grader and got high school credit. There were kids in her junior high that took high school pre algebra in 6th, high school geometry in 7th, high school algebra in 8th. There were not many kids in that group, but were some. And they had room in their schedule for more advanced math when they actually got to high school. If you have not yet been to high school, you might want to get a tour, visit with guidance, meet math and science dept heads to get a feel. Some of these programs you have to know to ASK to get in them.

Vickie said...

I am so glad new job is working for you. Insurance is very good answer to clients, because you are right, they will understand that.

And besides insurance, this just seems like a good, all around move for you and your family.

I would actually suggest calling back to on call nurse in St L and say that after you got home you realized doc had mentioned she was shorter but had not commented on it and you were wondering if there was something you should know. I would not assume. If you can think of anything else that occurred to you later, add those questions.

Vickie said...

Did weather mess with your training schedule?

Laura N said...

Training was cancelled yesterday. The Indy campuses were completely closed. So I went to lunch at the downtown mall with 3 other girls from out of town, and then saw two movies by myself. American Hustle & Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit. I was fine during the movies, but afterward felt ridiculously homesick. I just want to be home.

In training right now - lunch break - and heading home this afternoon, hopefully at 3pm my time, so should be home by 6pm.

It was a rough week for Mark & kids. School was cancelled yesterday, Sophie watched Luke, and he was a bit difficult for her to deal with. Mark has learned how to handle the kids when I'm gone, but it's still not easy for any of them.

I enjoy one night by myself, and after that, I'm homesick and lonely.

This is the last long training trip, thank goodness.

I've been as careful as possible with my food, but it's still hard when I have to eat out at every meal. Yes, I could have grocery shopped and stocked the fridge in my room and used the microwave, but it's been way too cold and snowy for the extra effort.

Vickie said...

By yourself would be very hard. As I thought about it, I always have at least one of the kids or my husband with me. Never alone out of town. And only alone at home during the day. Have not been alone much at all, because youngest has had so many snow days. It WOULD be very weird to be in hotel room alone. Two movies was very good idea.

Eating out once is manageable, but you are right, meal after meal gets very hard.

No school here again today. Have not heard about tomorrow yet.

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