Monday, January 13, 2014

Work travel

I'm in Indy for training. Got here last night at 10pm CST (Indy is EST
but I'm CST). Slept fine, got about 7 hours sleep.

Training today was fascinating! Financial aid is complicated stuff.
And I love it so far.

Building on my previous "what's in my desk" post, here's another
positive life change.

In the past when I've traveled alone for work, I'd spend a ton of time
finding the best food I could. Looking for restaurants. Eating foods I
didn't usually eat at home. Ordering room service at night, if it was

I justified every sugary bite I put in my mouth. I deserved fancy
desserts and decadent breakfasts and expensive dinners. I was alone,
on the road, working like a dog! Of course I deserved to eat whatever
I wanted.

Not anymore.

This morning I had breakfast at the hotel's complimentary buffet--a
hard boiled egg and small bagel with small tub of cream cheese (no
peanut butter available) and coffee.

In the training room is a basket of mini chocolate candies. I had no
desire for them. None. Before I'd have eaten a few pieces then
obsessed about how to get more without anyone noticing how much I

Having my brain free from sugar as well as free of the obsessive
thoughts is a wonderful thing.

They ordered lunch in for us. I got a salad that was healthy and tasty.

For dinner I drove to the mall downtown and went to Panera. I was
alone and didn't want to do Fancy by myself. I will do fancy at some
point, prob PF Changs, if I can get the other two girls from out of
town to go with me.

Point is--this trip isn't centered around food. I'm alone, but I don't
need food as my companion any more.


Vickie said...

Glad you are doing well.

I just saw a commercial that panera has some new, smarter menu options.

Jill said...

I LOVE staying in hotels for business because that means I get to take a long leisurely bath and have total control over the remote!! Sometimes just a few hours of solitude in a clean, quiet setting can do wonders for my soul!

I'm so glad you are enjoying your job. How's the family dealing with it?

Laura N said...

Hotel was overbooked and I got a handicap room with shower only. I was so bummed. I could switch rooms tonight but not worth the hassle.

Family doing ok so far. Very glad Sophie can watch Luke. Mark had a church meeting last night and we didn't have to worry about who could keep kids.

I'm coming back next Thurs and Fri for training again with two other people this time. I have to share a room. Not happy about that either but very budget conscious campus president. It's only two nights. I'll live.

Cindy said...

I love how relaxed you sound. The absence of sugar and resulting lack of craving is so stabilizing. Loved reading this post.

Vickie said...

Never in a million years would I get in a public tub (dorm, hotel, gym). I will not get in hot tubs anywhere nor let the girls put more than their legs in them. I had a friend who owned a company and oldest was a life guard, they both say no way.

Vickie said...

I think you are home again.

Bad weather here Thursday.

Middle is supposed to be on her way home for 4 day weekend. Every time that child drives long distance, we have bad weather.

Vickie said...

How is this week going for you?

katie said...

Que pasa chica? How is your daughter doing?

Vickie said...

I can't remember when you were headed back to St L for recheck - ?

I think you have been back to Indy for more training too - ?

Assume you are not headed to Florida with the girls this year - ?

Time for an update please. Have been wondering about you all week