Friday, March 26, 2010

Update from my new toy

Has it already been two weeks? It doesn't seem like it. I have been keeping busy, as usual, like all of you. I did a nice thing for myself and bought an early birthday present--an iPod Touch. I've had it for a few weeks but just realized I could update my blog from here. I'm on my iPod all the time at home after work. Somehow it's less offensive to use the iPod instead of my PC at the end of the day. Being on my laptop all day at work is enough computer time--the iPod doesn't feel like a computer though. Probably has a LOT to do with being able to hold this little baby in one hand. My laptop is 3 years old and weighs a ton.

Anyway...... Maybe I'll be able to blog more often.

Things are mostly the same. Sophie went through a horrible migraine spell last week and we figured out she's now sensitive to all chocolate. We've eliminated that and several other common triggers to see if it will help. So far so good. She's had some dizzy days but nothing horrible. It's been hard for her, giving up chocolate especially, but she knows it's worth it.

My weight and body are the same--152ish and squishy.

No changes with my dad. His decline is still happening but slowly. We are all surprised he's still with us. He could be here another 6 months but I hope not. His mind is sharp and he isn't ready to die but his body is done. It's so hard to watch.

I bought a book from Kindle (also on my iPod) that Jilligan recommended called Bad Childhood Happy Life. I've just started reading it. I see a lot of myself already.

Leaving for St Louis this afternoon for a Brownie weekend with Sophie and several other moms and daughters. Should be a good time. I'm so thankful she's health enough to go.

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Jill said...

Yay! A post from Laura!!

Glad you got Sophie's stuff figured out - she'll be so much better off without chocolate. That's one demon that's hard to conquer.

Happy early birthday!!! When is the date exactly? If you don't tell me then I'm going to have go searching through your archives and figure out, so just save me some time and let me know, k? :)

Big hugs (((hugs))) for you about your dad. I can't even imagine what you must be going through.


Monica said...

Welcome back Laura! Prayers for your daddy and your family heading your way from Texas!

Vickie said...

that does seem to be how it often goes with these really terrible illnesses - first the shock of knowing their time is limited and then they get to a really horrible state and then it drags on and on.

your brownie weekend sounds wonderful!

glad you posted!

I am determined NOT to let you slip away (again) - I figure as long as you keep one foot in the door here - it will help when things settle down again.

Jilligan said...

Glad to hear from you again. Hang in there.

Cindy...154 said...

Sorry I missed out on knowing you were in St. Louis this weekend, I would have tried to track you down!! Geat to see a post, I have had a hard time keeping my blog up these days, too. My Dad is the opposite of yours - his body does pretty good but his mind is really mostly gone. It is very hard to watch, too. I know it must be difficult for you. I will take 152 and squishy. So glad you got a new toy! Hang in there and thanks for the update!

debby said...

Ooh, a post from Laura and a new toy. Is that like an Iphone? Gonna have to research that. Think about you and your dad often. Hang in there, Laura. Keep close to God in prayer. Even when you don't know what to pray any more.

And yes, 152 +squishy = a good thing.