Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October update

The kids are doing very well in school this year. 

Sophie loves her high school. She got straight As her first quarter. It's a very demanding curriculum (charter school, ranked #1 in the state and also ranked nationally), so her getting such high marks her first term says a lot about how hard she worked. 

She also did an outstanding job in the school play--she had a lead role in Act 1 of The Musical of Musicals (she was June). She got a lot of compliments from teachers, students, and audience members. It was the first time she had such a large role.  She's also in a play at her acting studio, where she has a lead role, as well; it runs Halloween weekend. It is an original play that her voice teacher wrote, a little over an hour long. 

Luke also did well, getting As and one B (an 89.66 in science--but the teacher only had 5 grades for the entire quarter. It's only 5th grade so I'm totally not stressing over a "B."). 

He got to bring his trombone home several weeks ago, and I was impressed with how much his band teacher has been able to teach him in such a short period of time. Luke seems to be a natural with this instrument. He likes band and doesn't mind getting up early to catch the early bus (at 6:52) to go to band at around 7:10am at the high school (then he rides a bus to his school, which starts at 8:15). 

Last week I started training for the Disney Princess half marathon, which is in February and I am going to do again next year. I got in two training days. The first day was brutal and only two miles. The second day was better and three miles. This week I'm shooting for three days.  My plan is to train Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.  It is next to impossible to squeeze in any time for ME, which is why I signed up for this race (I wasn't going to do it, but Mark told me I should, if it meant I would start running again). And I did run. In tenth of a mile intervals. But I'm running. And even though it's hard, it feels good to be moving again. 

My anxiety still has been bad. I started taking a new medication a few weeks ago. I'm on a very low dose. It makes me extremely sleepy within about 20 minutes, and gives me a bit of a sleep hangover. It seems to help with the anxiety somewhat. I haven't been taking it long so I'm not sure how effective it is yet. 

My nurse practitioner and I talked about what drugs to try next at my last appointment.  I am so against taking a different antidepressant because of weight gain on SSRIs, that I basically have tied her hands on how to help me with the traditional methods. But she totally gets it and has never tried to push me into an SSRI or anything that would cause me to gain weight. 

I've gained about 8 pounds in the last three months. So not happy about that. I've been eating too much in the evenings, mostly carbs, and it has caught up with me. My clothes still fit and it doesn't show too terribly badly, but I can feel it around my waist more than I used to (thanks so much, middle age). I'm hopeful that running again after work will prompt me to make better choices. I also know that being heavier makes it harder to run faster, so that is motivating me. 

Luke turns 11 on November 6th. I "met" most of you when he was around a year old. So we've been doing this about 10 years now.  It is crazy how fast the years have gone by. 


Laura N said...

I should have said--the weight I've gained has nothing to do with the new medication I'm taking. I didn't word that very well. I track when I start a medication and my starting weight pretty closely, to make sure the meds I take don't influence my weight. No, I've gained that weight all on my own.

Jill said...

I think Luke was 2 years old when we "met". Your kids are so talented - I'm sure you are bursting with pride!!

I think the running will do so much for your mental health. Guard your training days like treasure - not because of the exercise element, but for the Me-Time element. You deserve some self-care, girlfriend.

So great to hear from you. I know you are super busy, but I still get happy when you show up in my Feedly. :)

Vickie said...

I guess you are right, it has been ten years. Wow.

Right med combination is very hard, I agree. It took me many, many unsuccessful tries with GP, but then psychiatrist has seemed to find perfect fits, I think on the first try. (If I am remembering correctly.

Glad school is working out for everyone.

Vickie said...

Did Sophie get her hpv series? Luke needs to get it too, at right age.

I just looked -
HPV | Who Should Get Vaccine | Human Papillomavirus | CDC
www.cdc.gov › ... › For Parents & Public
Jul 21, 2016 - All kids who are 11 or 12 years old should get the three-dose series of HPV vaccine to protect against HPV. Teen boys and girls who did not start or finish the HPV vaccine series when they were younger should get it now. Young women can get HPV vaccine through age 26, and young men can get vaccinated through age 21.

Laura N said...

Hi Vickie, she did get the HPV shots. I remember bc at one point when she was getting them our insurance didn't cover preventative immunizations and I was taking her to the health department bc it was so much cheaper than her doctor's office. And the nurse at the health department asked if I wanted her to get the HPV shots. We had a discussion about the pros and cons and decided to get them for her. I'm assuming Luke will get his HPV next year. He turns 11 on Sunday. It's thoughtful of you to ask.

Vickie said...

Plans for the holiday?

Vickie said...

The year is just flying. Cannot believe we are in December already, it is like we jumped from summer to Xmas.