Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December update (169.4)

A quick update. 

My meds leveled out. I'm pretty much at around a 5 or a 6 (on a scale of 1-10) most days; no more nearly-manic feelings (that was too good to last).  I did go up from 1 mg to 2 mgs of rexulti after my appointment with my nurse practitioner last week.  But I haven't noticed a significant change in my mood for the better (or worse). I see my NP again in mid January; she's good about making sure I check back in with her, which I like at this time of year.

I am really starting to notice the lack of sunlight now. I am using my SAD light, but only about half of the days of the week. Some mornings I have time, like on weekends and on days I go to work later than 8 am (like Mondays and the days I work for Mark--today, for example), and some mornings I don't.

I'm not having trouble getting through the day, so there's not full on SAD dysfunction.  But I don't have energy to do much else but the required minimum of work, home, kids.  I haven't run or walked since before Thanksgiving (and I was really doing well there for a while).  I miss it, but I can't make myself pick it back up again yet.

On the good news front, I am way ahead in the Holidays game.  I sent out our business family Christmas card yesterday.  Still need to do the personal cards but those are not as big a deal as the business cards. 

We have all the kids' presents bought, and I also wrapped almost everything last weekend. I still have several of Luke's to do, and we have a few gifts that are yet to arrive that I'll wrap this weekend. This is a huge deal.  It will make next week so much more enjoyable. 

I am taking next week off, except for Tuesday when I will work for Mark for 6 hours or so.  But I'm not working for the college at all.  Monday I'm going to lunch with a girl I used to work with (excited to see her), the kids are off school as of Wednesday next week, and then on Christmas eve we will spend lunch and the afternoon with my mom and family, then Christmas eve evening service at our church. 

Christmas day is just us.  We don't have to go anywhere or do anything we don't want to.  It's awesome.  Ever since Mark's sister moved to Indy, we haven't had any obligations on Christmas day. We miss his family at the holidays, but it is super nice to be able to spend the day in our PJs.

We are planning to go to a friend's house that evening to watch the Dr. Who Christmas special, since our cable company doesn't have BBC America anymore.  This is a woman from church that I became good friends with during a Bible study that was just the two of us several years ago.  She lives alone since her husband died a couple of years ago, so it will be nice to spend time with her on Christmas day; she doesn't have close family in town. The kids really like her, too, especially Sophie. She's very interesting and well travelled; she's a surgery nurse by profession and is in her late 50s. And she's as big a Dr. Who fan as Sophie is.

So I'm pretty stable, considering the time of year. 

Merry Christmas to you all!!


Vickie said...

Thanks for mentioning Dr Who. I set the recorder. Actually it looks like there is a marathon starting Tuesday and I set it to record the whole thing because youngest is getting her wisdom teeth out on Tuesday.

Is there a way of setting your light up at work?

I see people set themselves up for disaster with the holidays all the time. Too much, too late, hardest possible way.

I stopped doing cards several years ago. I had pictures printed and then just never did it that year. I might at some point in the future. We have two graduations (December 2015 and May 2016). So I might do it next year.

I get that work cards are a different thing.

Tracy just wrote -
"Life is all about managing expectations. After many years of doing this whole Christmas thing, I can say with confidence that things are bound to go wrong. Last year I had a whole slew of packages stolen from our mailbox and spent hours on the phone with Amazon. This year, I rushed our holiday cards to our house, paying extra for the service and they came to our house looking perfect, except that our cards were from The Hudson Family, instead of the Benjamin Family. The situation got itself worked out. Cards come later this week and I have to rework my calendar & my expectations. It’s cool though, we have it covered. I knew something would go wrong, but my reaction to these things has changed."

I am on her mailing list. I ignore her food stuff. Her weekly recap in pictures is something I treasure. She has an amazing eye.

Vickie said...

None of us are feeling the new doctor. Oldest said he watched first season and never got into it. We recorded second season and Christmas show. Watched a couple of those shows, just could not get into it (any of us) and did not even try Xmas show. I deleted it all. Is Sophie liking him? We can't figure out if kids have outgrown it, or if no one could follow up David T and Matt S, or if the new one just is not good. Did the writing change?

Vickie said...

How did the holidays go? Seasonal disorder getting you? Settled into new year?

Vickie said...

Talked to someone with seasonal disorder this morning. She was getting out her lights for this week. On a cruise next week. She said she takes one with her daughter every year at this time and it really helps.