Thursday, November 12, 2015

we have a winner (170.0)

The add on medication Rexulti must be doing it's job. Because I'm feeling emotionally healthy and pretty happy, my intrusive thoughts are way down, I'm getting up in the morning w/o hitting the snooze at around 5am (sometimes 4:30am), I'm eating real foods (and cooking!), I'm cleaning and organizing, I'm going to OA meetings weekly, I'm exercising regularly, I'm working with my sponsor, and I've been abstinent. 

I started rexulti on 10/26.  I'm still on 150 mg wellbutrin and also on 100 mg of topamax. It's a nice little cocktail.  I'm also taking a lot of supplements.  Calcium, fish oil, magnesium, Vit D, Vit C, glucosamine, and I think there are a couple of others I'm forgetting.  I take the calcium, fish oil, & glucosamine twice a day. 

I've done a lot of organizing and decluttering the past couple weekends, in my closet and drawers, in Luke's closet & room, in the front sitting room (which is really a catch-all room and was a total disaster), in the kitchen cabinets. It makes me happier to have a cleaner, organized living space. And I've had the energy to make it happen. 

I've wondered lately whether I'm TOO happy and energetic.  I'm not staying up all night.  I don't think I'm manic, but I'm certainly more happy and energetic than is normal for my normal self. So it's weird, and the thought has crossed my mind.  Is this a touch manic? 

Which is pretty sad, isn't it? That I'm questioning whether this happy energy, this getting up in the morning before my alarm goes off, getting up at 4:30 & going for a run at 5:20 AM (which I did on Tuesday--& it was amazing) is OKAY or if it's abnormal. It's just so unusual for me. 
I figure as long as I'm going to bed and sleeping, getting a solid 7 or so hours of sleep (which is about what I normally get), I'm not technically manic and hopefully it's just an awesome combination of drugs, supplements, good food, working my OA program, and the grace of God working in my life. Whatever it is, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully a realllly long time. 


Jill said...

I think also that if you are sleeping enough (and sleeping well) at night, then you're okay. Maybe it's the same kind of high you get when your newborn finally (FINALLY!) starts sleeping through the night so YOU start sleeping through the night - I can remember being so surprised at how much energy I had when I got a solid 7-8 at night. Maybe it's the same kind of thing. Whatever it is - take full advantage of it!! :)
So glad you're feeling better! Now, use that energy and come de-clutter my house because, girl...I got some closets that are out of control!

Vickie said...

I think it is good that you are mindful and watching. I suppose one thing to watch is priorities, spending time/energy on things you should, and moderation on all things. It is easy to get stuck on one thing. You mentioned a lot of good priorities (sleep, exercise, cooking, clutter) so that seems like a good variety. And some of those things will dwindle in time, like the clutter, once you get through everything, then it will be maintenance.

And if you have a catch all room, I wondered about an extra bed in there for when you need it, or is sleep better now overall?

Vickie said...

Are we almost exactly two years past Sophie's surgery now?

I realized I had just returned from Mayo and on my way back to mayo a year ago tomorrow.

Laura N said...

Yes, you are correct! It was exactly 2 years the weekend before Thanksgiving. We go see her surgeon for her 2 year xrays and checkup on December 9th.

She's doing well. she's not restricted at all in daily life. she still can't do anything high impact like jump in a pool or trampoline, but that's not a huge deal for her, and she's not into sports so it's not been an issue for her. she's back to doing her normal bending and moving around like usual. she's still careful about not bending fully at the waist, I've noticed she still squats a lot to pick things up, I think out of habit from doing it for a full year.

She still has that slight curve in her upper spine bc he didn't correct her lower spine (which has a slight curve) and it has to stay balanced, but it hasn't gotten worse (at least to my eye) and it doesn't look bad when you look at her. Her shoulders are even at eye level, it's just that her right shoulder blade sticks out a bit. the xrays will tell us if her lower back has moved any more. That's what we have to watch for. there's a 15% chance she could have to have surgery on that part of her spine when she's an adult.

She hasn't had her 2nd growth spurt yet--she's only 14--so I think that's when we'll know if her lower spine will curve more or give her problems. The part of her spine that he fused will never grow again--once it's fused, it's done.

Vickie said...

when is the normal time line for a second growth spirt? I have been my same height (5' 6") since sixth grade. So has my middle (5' 4"). I think youngest did not gain height after third or fourth grade (5'). I realize youngest is the odd one there. But your note made me wonder what most girls do.

Laura N said...

That's a good question. I assumed she'd grow again in high school. I'll ask either her surgeon or her pediatrician who she sees on Dec 11. I just know there was concern about the 2nd curve bc of future growth and the spine that was fused not growing any more, and they made sure we knew that. So I assumed that meant she had more growing to do. Maybe she doesn't. She's 5' 3 1/2". Her doc originally said he thought she'd be on course to grow to 5'7" (obviously that was a guess). So she's an average height and if she doesn't grow any more she'd be fine.

Vickie said...

Someone once told me girls do not grow (height) after their period starts. I gave NO idea if that is true.

Vickie said...

Meds still doing okay? Ready for holidays?