Friday, November 12, 2010

Good week

I'm doing ok this week. I joined a cheap gym last week, Fitness 19. Have you heard of this chain of gyms? I paid a one time joining fee and then pay $9 a month with no contract. And it's a great facility. No frills, but all the equipment and nice and bright and new.

My focus is weight lifting. I need to build muscle and I like being strong. I've missed my muscles! I went once last week, on Friday when I joined. This week I went 3 times and did weights (Monday I also did 2 miles on the treadmill), about 30 minutes of weights and 10 minutes of TM each time to warm up. Also stretching after for a few minutes. I got one more day in of 30 minutes run/walking. Four days of sweating. Not bad.

And I'm already feeling stronger.

I had one really great night of saying no to night eating, and I felt great the next morning. Next time I want a bowl of cereal at 11 pm, I'm going to remember that feeling. The rest of my nights were half ok and half horrible. I'm shooting for more good than bad nights next week.

Tomorrow we are going to dad's house to start packing his stuff. Not going to be fun, but it will be okay. It's already been 6 weeks since he died. Hard to believe it's gone by so fast.

Kids are great. Luke turned 5 last Saturday. He had a fun party. Sophie is doing so well in school. We keep the bad foods out of her body, she stays migraine free. It's amazing.

We are hosting Mark's family for turkey day, which will be work but fun. He's got a great family.

Next week, my goal is weights and cardio, 3 times each.

I don't know why I used "great" so much in this post. Tired and lazy tonight, I guess.

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Laura I. (G.G.) said...

That's cool about joining the new gym. Who needs frills? Hope it works out for you.

Serious weight training has changed my life--no joke. Cardio is great (ha) and all, and I enjoy my long walks, but resistance work, even if it's just body weight exercises like squats and push-ups, will change your body like nobody's business.

I think I still weigh about 20 lbs more than I did at my lowest in 2008, but the tightest clothes I wore then are loose now--all due to changes in body composition.

Sorry for the dissertation! Good luck!

Jill said...

Sounds like you are getting back on track! Great! (heehee)

I wish I had a $9 a month gym to go to. The cheapest gym we have here is $30 per month, which isn't so bad, but I just hate to pay that for something I may or may not use!

Keep at girl - you're doing awesome!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

First of all, I have to give you a huge congratulations on typing that entire post from your itouch; without any misspellings/errors. Very impressive! I'm in Indiana and have never heard of this chain of gyms. Good luck with the weights!

debby said...

Ha! I noticed someone else mentioned the ipod touch. I wanted to ask how you like it for writing blogs. I am still toying with getting one.

Wowza on the $9 gym. I won't tell you what I pay. But I do love it when I get to the gym regularly, even for 30 minutes of weights. Just feels great.

That is neat to hear about keeping the bad food out and your little girl being migraine free.

Its good to hear from you Laura.

Vickie said...

how high was the joining fee?

and very curious which (it sounds like you are taking about non-foods) things set off Sophie's migraines?

glad you found a good gym option. paying a monthly fee, no matter how large or small, always makes sure I use the facility. I will not waste $. If I pay - I utilize it.

glad this week went well.

I didn't think about his house. is it just his stuff - or do you have to deal with HER too? can you just sell with an 'as is' contract or do you have to do things to it? I think most people like to pick out their own paint/carpeting/etc. Around here, often give the buyer an allowance (off the price) and then they do it themselves.

Cindy...154 said...

Laura, wonderful about joining the gym and what a good price. It is time for me to renew and I feel bad about not going much this past year but I want to renew so I can go again. Thanks for posting your progress. I did not have so good of a week last week with the evening food, in fact if not for that, my week would have been perfect. I am motivated now though. It took us a while to go through all the stuff with my Mom before she moved this Summer. There were so many memories but also so much junk it was overwhelming. It all got finished, though, even though it looked impossible. Hang in there, good going on all the workouts!

Vickie said...

you might have said - did you get your SAD light out and working? (or maybe you leave it on all year?)

how went last week? house progress? holiday plans?

Vickie said...

happy thanksgiving!