Thursday, August 26, 2010

Run Laura Run

Do you all know that movie, "Run Lola Run"? It's a foreign movie that stars the girl who plays Jason Bourne's girlfriend. It's been ages since I've seen it, and I couldn't tell you the plot, but I do remember it was super cool.

Well, if my life were a movie this week, I'd call it Run Laura Run.

After my meltdown post last week, I went through another "I can't take it anymore" dealies. Instead of printing a new diet plan, I signed up for a couple of races. I'd been planning on running a half in October but hadn't made it official (read: paid money) yet. And I really like Race for the Cure 5k's (and t-shirts) so I signed up for that one too.

I've run 3 times since Monday. I use the term run with qualifiers--walk a few minutes, run a few minutes, repeat.

But! Tonight I actually Ran, for really reals. It was cooler than any weather I've run in since January. There was no sun, since it was almost 8. And I guess the couple times a week I have been running/walking is starting to make a difference.

So I headed out and ran 12 minute miles, only walking to cross traffic and a small break at mile two. I did 30 minutes, 2.5 miles, because that's all I had time for. But it was the best 2.5 miles I've had in months.

I realized the other day that any time I post that I can't take it and I'm starting a new plan, I've screwed it up a few days later. Conversely, I post that my life is shit, and I get my shit together. What the heck is that about? Guess I better end this with "blah blah I can't take this anymore blah."

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Jilligan said...

Good idea. I agree with you on that one. Why even try to tell anyone we are working on getting better? Let's just let them be surprised when we get better!

Jill said...

That happens to me all the time!! When I go spouting off about how great things are going that's when things go south!! I hate it when that happens!

Good job on the running!! That's awesome!!

Jodie said...

Awesome on the running. Glad you're getting back out there. Cooler temps will hopefully help keep your motivation going.

Laura I. (G.G.) said...

Way to go! You'll get your mojo back.

One thing I can say is that after what I went through last year with my move and subsequent meltdown, that I could say I was going to get my shit together left and right, but saying that never got me anywhere and just became another reason for self-flagellation. I had to be mentally ready to do what it took to be strong again, and it took a while to get there. I think you've done a good job of coping, considering what you've been going through.

It will get better. I have faith in you!

Vickie said...

requested that movie from netflix, have never seen it.

we don't start over, we begin again from where we are, good job working on the running.

we turned hot again (temps) but it feels really good as the humidity is very low. Been to the pool as much as possible - only one week left.

Vickie said...

do you have time for another post before we roll on in to the holiday weekend?

Vickie said...

write Laura write


Cindy...154 said...

yes, I love the write Laura, write! So glad you are running. I have been walking (fast) longer distances and it feels good. This was the year of the meltdown for me but it is getting better. Hang in there!

Vickie said...

laura - where are you - ?