Saturday, July 08, 2006

Good Day

Made it to WW to weigh in, even though I couldn't stay for the meeting b/c I had both kids with me. But I lost 1 pound, so I'm officially UNDER 200 on the WW scale. I weighed 199 today. Points drop to 24, which is fine since I've been eating at 24 for a week since my scale's been under 200 for a while.

Made it to the Gym today. I ran for 25 FULL minutes with no walking. I slowed my pace to 4.5 mph to make sure I got it all in without having to walk. And I did it. The whole time I ran at 4.5 MPH. I felt great during and afterward. I really really feel like a runner now.

Kids calling, dinner to help cook. More later......

1 comment:

Lori said...

Yea! You go, Laura!

I'm really proud of you running and doing as well as you have been even the stresses of family sickness, etc.