Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Good news about work

I got the ok to work 32-36 hours a week at the college and work a day and a half a week for Mark. Yay!

I finally had to ask when my manager told me there was a hiring freeze and they weren't replacing my fired coworker's spot. I had been waiting to talk with her until after the new person was hired. But this news forced my hand.

I explained I had to start helping Mark a couple days a week or he was going to either sell the business and get another job, or kill himself working so hard. So it's either the college let me work less or I was leaving to get a part time job and work for Mark.

My boss and the campus president got it approved through corporate, and if I work 32 hours a week I can keep my benefits. For now I'm working two 10 hr days, and half day of 5 hours on Tuesdays, a 7-8 hour day and Saturdays for 4 hours (until Sept 21 it's every Saturday but it will likely go every other after that). I have alternate Wednesday's and Friday's off.

So I work Tuesday afternoons and either Wednesday or Friday with Mark. This is my 3rd week and so far it's going well. I enjoy seeing Mark and seeing his relief at me being there to help. I like the slower pace with his office too. It's less intense and less extroverted. I'm not very efficient yet but any help is a help to him.

Now, this is all supposed to be evaluated by the college in September to make sure it's going ok. But I'm busting my butt and bending over backwards to make it work and keep everyone there happy. As long as I get the work done, and we don't get overwhelmed, it might work for a long time.

And if it doesn't then we'll deal with it then.

On the weight and food front. Ugh. Sunday I started tracking my calories. I was up to 168 and had to buy bigger pants (I have away my size 12s).

And that was The Line.

I knew I had to get my act back together. Because you can still gain weight even if you don't eat cookies, pies, ice cream, or donuts. Pretty much everything else, I ate. I was snacking at my desk. I was eating later and later at night. I wasn't eating fruit and veggies.

Once a food addict, always a food addict.

I can't fit OA meetings into my schedule right now. So I've created a food plan by using the app Lose It. I keep track of my calories and you can't eat crap if your limited to around 1500 calories a day. So far so good.

That's it for now. I'll post more as life develops.


Jill said...

So glad they approved your new work schedule!! I hope it works out for you. Just remember to make some time for YOU while you're trying to keep it together for everyone else.


Vickie said...

I think there are simplified OA meetings on line. I would suggest that as a good alternative. Might even be pod casts you could listen to and WALK regularly. That would be, self help, pairing.

Glad job(s) straightened themselves out. Seems like a good balance, compromise.

Vickie said...